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Fernzug 5-24

New Products For junho

  • DAF 2600  Classic Curtainside   Maastrans

    DAF 2600 4X2 Classic Curtainside Trailer 2 axle Maastrans

    * 148.00 EUR

  • DAF 2600  Curtainside Classic  Frans Maas

    DAF 2600 4X2 Curtainside Trailer Classic 2 axle Frans Maas

    * 144.00 EUR

  • DAF 2800 Planwagen  Kühlanhänger ASG

    DAF 2800 Planwagen klassischem 2 Achs Kühlanhänger ASG Verpackt in einer luxuriösen ASG-Box

    * 229.00 EUR

  • DAF 3300 Flat Bed Classic Koninklijke Saan

    DAF 3300 6X2 Flat Bed Trailer Classic 3 axle Koninklijke Saan

    * 148.00 EUR

  • DAF 3600 SC  Combi   Torben Rafn

    DAF 3600 Space Cab 6X2 Tag axle Combi 6 axle Torben Rafn

    * 172.00 EUR

  • DAF XF SC  Riged Box Combi    Tijs de Koning

    DAF XF Space Cab 6X2 Tag axle Riged Truck Box Combi 6 axle Tijs de Koning

    * 214.00 EUR


Special offers

  • Mercedes Benz Kombi Anhänger  Deutsche Möbelspedition

    Mercedes Benz Kombi Anhänger Deutsche Möbelspedition

    Regular price 68.00 EUR
    Special price 58.00 EUR

  • Mack Classic 40FT container

    Mack Classic 40FT container Australien

    Regular price 189.00 EUR
    Special price 179.00 EUR