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Diecast Model trucks - collector’s items (scale 1:50)

Careful production, a particularly high level of detail and a true-to-scale likeness; our model trucks are made using original design plans from vehicle manufacturers to ensure max. attention to detail. Model goods manufacturers such as Conrad, NZG, Tekno and WSI produce model trucks using state-of-the-art technology to develop one-of-a-kind collectibles. For Modell OVP’s items, only models which are available immediately are found in the online shop. The focus is on stocking 1:50 scale models, thereby offering a wide selection of limited edition metal models.

Model trucks from cult brands such as Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, DAF and MAN.

Each individual model truck manufacturer uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and other extensive processes to create a product with a visible value. Not only do Conrad, NZG and WSI make sure that they use high-quality materials such as zinc, but they also emphasise features by using innovative designs and many individual parts to create something which is highly collectable. Unfinished parts for a model truck are created based on real models by using 3D high-performance computers with corresponding data from the manufacturer, CNC milling machines and the latest laser technology. After the authentic paintwork is applied in specific shades, the model truck is carefully assembled by hand, especially smaller details such as mirrors, lights and aerials. These features not only bring model trucks from the world of freight forwarding and logistics to life, but also create a one-off miniature comprised of up to a thousand or more components. Although model trucks are delivered with authentic paintwork, there is still room for custom design features. The basic series from Tekno, for example, includes an unprinted model truck which provides collectors with the opportunity for individual modifications. In every manufacturing series, buyers can rest assured thanks to our function and quality checks. Moreover, our products stand up to scrutiny from collectors and can be beautifully presented in a display case. Model trucks for Scania, MAN, DAF, Mercedes or Volvo are produced in a circulation of just 100 to 400 units with a weight of 200g to 5kg. Just like their collectors, manufacturers put a lot of passion into these miniature models which, together with a great deal of meticulous work, enables them to create high-end replicas which are extremely faithful to the original.

Small numbers (100 to 400 units) of model trucks in the Modell OVP online shop

Collectors will find a wide range of products in our online shop which offers novelties on a daily basis, as well as products which are back in-stock for delivery. Model trucks that have been advertised by the manufacturer can be pre-ordered in our online shop. We can only guarantee that models that are labelled as ‘immediately available’ are currently in stock. Valuable items are placed within extremely secure packaging to ensure that products arrive safely at their new owner’s home. Once a selection has been made, the miniature replicas can be conveniently ordered and paid for using prepayment or PayPal. As experts in the field of commercial vehicle model making, our product range also includes Liebherr model cranes as well as trailers, semi-trailers and US trucks.